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Welcome to my series on Fixing Fashion. We all buy clothes based on the appeal from visual window displays, hanger appeal in the store, or finding a cool photo online. We are drawn to clothes by the design, style or fabulous color. Sometimes we have the ability to try them on before buying but many times we are are not able to see the fit or style on our body before bring them home.

I have talked to many people who say they struggle finding garments that fit properly and they think their body shape is out of balance. But in reality, most of the time, the garemnt has a fit or pattern issue that has caused it to not fit most bodies properly. These fit issues create body thought distortions and lack of confidence.

In this series I will be trying on garments and work through the fit or style problems. I will be looking at the style and fit from the perspective of a Technical Designer. I will evaluate and show corrections that could have been made to fix a pattern or shape prior to production. However, some problems occur during the produciton process.

Join me one my fitting and fixing journey as my goal is to raise awareness for fit issues and production problems especially in this world of Fast Fashion. Please follow my blog series on Fashion Fix's as I try to teach you how to analize and fix problems. Let me help you look at the Fashion world through the eyes of a Technical Designer! Join me on my journey.

Photo below: Comming soon...Funniest hood ever! I will describe the problem and how to fix it. Watch for this fix coming soon.


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